Think of us as 129 year old young company delivering innovation, technology and expertise in Steel.

Important dates in BlueScope’s history are shown below. A more detailed history of the Company is available
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The BlueScope journey

1885 – 1935 (50 years) The formative years
1885 BHP formed to mine silver, lead and zinc.
1915 BHP commenced steelmaking.
1925 BHP acquires Port Kembla Steelworks.
1935 BHP acquires Australia Iron & Steel Limited (AIS) formed.
1965 – 1990 (25 Years) Years of Innovation
1965 Rollformers established in Singapore.
1966 First COLORBOND? steel produced.
1968 Rollformers established in Malaysia.
1971 Launches COLORBOND? steel to rollformers in Asia.
1973 Rollformers established in Indonesia.
BHP acquires John Lysaght.
1980 BHP acquires ASC Pacific in the United States.
1990- 2014 (24 Years) Redefining future;
1995 Metal coating line a paint line established in Indonesia.
1999 Cold rolled mill, metal coating & painting lines established in Thailand; Newcastle steelworks closed.
2001 BHP merges with Billiton PIc.
2002 BlueScope becomes independent company; further Investment in Asia and North America.
2003 Name changed to BlueScope Steel following shareholder approval at Annual General Meeting.
2004 Acquires Butler Manufacturing, leading designer and producer of pre-engineered buildings in North America and China.
2005 Vietnam metal coating/coated painting line commissioned ;
Establishes Join Venture with Tata Group to form Tata BlueScope Steel.
2006 Second Metallic coating and painting facility opens in Thailand.
2008 Acquires IMSA Steel Corp in USA – Steelscape, ASC Profiles, Varco Pruden and Metl-Span.
2012 Restructures Asia and US Businesses under Global Buildings, Solutions, and Building Products.
2013 Announces 50% Joint venture with Nippon Sumitomo Metal Corporation (NSSMC) Japan
2014 New entity NS BlueScope Coated Products celebrates 1 year of successful operation